Social order exists because people are afraid to disobey the rules of society

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“Social Order exists because People are afraid to disobey the Rules of Society.” Explain and assess this claim.

A "social order" is a relatively stable system of institutions, patterns ofinteractions and customs, capable of continually reproducing at least those conditions essential for its own existence. The concept refers to all those facts of society which remain relatively constant overtime, the “Rules of Society” which “People” must obbey. These conditions could include both property, exchange and power relations, but also cultural forms, communication relations and ideologicalsystems of values. It is of central concern to sociology, where it refers to a set of linked social structures, social institutions and social practices which conserve, maintain and enforce "normal" waysof relating and behaving. So, shortly, the concept persues the study of how and why societies cohere. During the history of sociology schools, there had been multiple opinions and views with reggardsto “Social Order”.
A chronological review about any concept in sociology must begin analysing the Functionalist perspective, leaded by Emile Durkheim. Social order is depicted in the idea of asociety orderly balance and equilibrium, and in it`s opposite; conflict and disequilibrium. Functionalists consider the first one as the normal in society. The basis of this social equilibrium is theexistence of moral consensus. This means that everybody, or nearly everybody in a society shares the same norms and values. In contrast, social conflict is an abnormal social state, and it is compared tosickness in a living organism. Durkheim’s posture is emphasized by his critics of utilitarian social thought; they focused on the basis of social order in increasingly complex industrial societiesdeveloped by mutual self-interest and contractual agreements. In contrast, he found values and norms as the centre of social integration. Social order is then stated by people according to their...
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