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Eiffel Tower
Initially named 330 meter tower, it’s a steel structure. This master piece was designed by civil engineer Gustavo Eiffel, assisted in theconstruction by engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, and architect Stephen Sauvestre, for the Universelle Exposition, in Paris in 1889, where celebrated thecentenary of the French Revolution.
Beginning the Parisians called it a pitiful lamppost and a hollow candlestick. Today, the french and visitors around the world,admire the filigreed. The Eiffel Tower is located at the end of the Champ Mars at the Seine River; is the tallest building in Paris.
The studies on theproject began in 1884 and the construction began in 1887, was built in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days, and was inaugurated on March 31 – 1889, as the entrance archfor the Universelle Exposition a world’s fair marking the centennial celebration of the French Revolution.
The tower was many criticised by the public when itwas built, with many calling it an eyesore. Today the tower is widely considered to be a striking piece of structural art.
Eiffel Tower’s levels:
At the firstlevel, 57 feet above the ground, you can access by elevator or if you have strength up 360 steps. At this level there is a Historical Museum and a restaurant named“Altitude 95”
Second floor with its 360º view over Paris. 115 meters from the base, most agree 700 steps up from the first level or you can make the elevator again.There is at Jules Verne Restaurant.

The third level to 274 meters, is ideal to enjoy a great panoramic view of Paris, Actually you can not step up to there.
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