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Social Campaigns
Art of Visual Persuasion Its psychology, its semiotics, its rhetoric
Ma Thesis I Marc Andrews I 2008

Social Campaigns
Art of Visual Persuasion Its psychology, its semiotics, its rhetoric

Social Campaigns
Art of Visual Persuasion Its psychology, its semiotics, its rhetoric
Ma Thesis I Marc Andrews I 2008



Visual Persuasion? An Introduction.
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How to construct Persuasive Powerful Imagery. Rhetoric, Art of Persuasion.
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What is a Social Campaign? What is Persuasion? Social Campaigns and Advertising, any difference? What is the Power of Billboards? Why do we need Social Science? How does the Visual Power of Social Campaigns work?

The Art of Persuasion The Rhetorical Dimension of Images How Rhetorical Figureswork The Power of Visual Rhetoric Persuading the Audience The Dialogic Image
Logos / Ethos / Pathos

How Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviour are influenced. Psychology of Persuasion.
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Visual Argumentation. A Conclusion.
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The Role of Attitudes How Behavior is formed How Attitudes and Behavior work together How Information is proccessed How Imageselicit Emotions The Creative Side of the Brain How Communication works
Messenger / Message / Recipient / Medium

The Visual Argument Six Principles of Sticky Ideas What’s the Responsibility of the Designer? Sex vs Fear Interactive Interventions Creating a Visual Argument

Different Social Campaign Approaches Effectiveness of a Social Campaign Seeing is a learned Behaviour
98 100Appendix.
Rhetorical Figures Literature Images

How an Image tells its Story. Semiotics.
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The Study of Signs The Sign How Images create Meaning The hidden Meaning of Layout



Visual Persuasion. An Introduction.
“Using the tools of graphic design to persuade someone to be more tolerant is, probably, more difficult than trying to persuade them to buy a certain brand ofdog food.”
( Michael Bierut, Pentagram )



What is a Social Campaign?
Creating a campaign is a creative and technical process where areas of Art and Science come together. Aspects of the visual language meet the knowledge and scientific research results of social science. This thesis will mainly focus on non-profit, social, information campaigns developed by government ornon-governmental organizations fighting for human rights-, and environmental issues, and against poverty and violence or encouraging in public health and security. We see continuing campaigns which try to convince people to quit smoking, to reject drugs, to practise safer sex, to avoid alcohol abuse, to stop discrimination and aggression or just to educate. The communicative aim of these campaigns can be onthe one hand to break down an undesired behaviour, as for example behaviour, which harms the health (smoking, drinking), the environment (pollution, global warming) or affects others in society (sexual abuse, violence). On the other hand behaviour can be stimulated which is desirable (use condoms, do not drink and drive) for your own life or the society in general. A social campaign is alarge-scale attempt to communicate ideas and practices through mass media and interpersonal communication.
2. Advertising for 1. A Chinese political propaganda poster, depicting the leader, the public, flags and weapens. It emits a feeling of strength, self-confidence and solidarity. Fighting together for the country under the name of the leader.

What is Persuasion?
The communication goal to changesomeone’s behaviour or attitude could be described as a form of persuasion. Persuasion is defined by Perloff (2003) as a symbolic process in which communicators try to convince other people to change their attitudes or behaviour regarding an issue through the transmission of a message, in an atmosphere of free choice. When we think of communication as a kind of persuasion tool and its social...
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