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Rocio Escarcega
PSY 406: Social Psychology
The social foundations of human experience is when humans build their own reality and how reality is transmitted from one generation toanother and some implications for understanding the relation of the individual to society. The reality of every human consists on their way of living for example their culture. The culture contributeson every human reality and also the experiences of their lives are based on their own reality. The most important maintenance of reality is conversation. Reality is an essential key element to find ouridentity in socialization. Our society formation into two sectors primary socialization and secondary socialization. Primary socialization is the undergo during childhood and the secondary is whenthe individual enters to new sectors of society.
The conversation of each human in society contributes in the finding of identity. For instance when an individual starts socialization, language candefine us as humans because we feel more comfortable talking to someone that speaks the language we speak. Socialization defines our identity when we begin a conversation, it can reflect on how weexpress our feelings and desires. Culture is a key in our identity because our actions are reflected on what we have done during childhood and what our ancestors have thought us.
Primary and secondarysocialization is fundamental in very human being. Primary socialization is what you learn during childhood, the customs, language, food, all your cultural context. Secondary socialization is whenchildren begins school and have contact to new people and find out new cultures and new ways of society. Humans in this sector began socialization with the real society, that’s why is very important to learnhow to socialization primary to not have problems in the outer world. Secondary socialization is also when you are older and get your first job and gain knowledge of how to socialize with society...
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