Sociedad multicultural

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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It is common that over the world live people together with different nationalities, colours of the skin and religious belief. When different people live together theyform a multicultural society. Big cities such as London, New York, Paris, Berlin are called cosmopolitans because of the many nationalities and people with different colour.
New York is ascosmopolitan as London but is not as mixed. Nationalities stay in their own areas, for example; the Russians in the Russian section, the Polish in the Polish section. The area where many Chinese people liveand where you can find many Chinese shops and restaurants is called Chinatown.
It’s very important to keep peace between mixed people so they can live and work together. However it’s not so easy.Even when we live in the 21st century there is still racism around the world. People fight against each other and even kill each other.
Living in multicultural society has also some advantages. Peoplecan get to know many cultures, their lifestyles, traditions, habits, cuisine and music. In big cities there are many different restaurants which offer their national food and drink together with anexisting new atmosphere. Experiencing and understanding different cultures is the first part of acceptance. In a truly multicultural society you will find people of different backgrounds or religionsliving together and even getting married.
Some countries welcome foreign cultures more than other. In the UK you can find information written in many different languages, however, in Germany you willmainly find information in German and sometimes in English.
In Slovakia we live with different cultures as well. Out of a total population of 5million, we have over half a million Hungarians livingin the south of Slovakia and a same minority groups like Russians in the East. The Gipsy minority group are spread through out Slovakia and theirs numbers are rising rapidly. Minority groups get a...
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