Sociedad y economia

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Daniel Israel Vázquez Martínez.
Diana García.
Society and Economics.

Mexico is a country with many resources, but the problem is that Mexico does not have many peoplewho dare to do something to move forward and progress, because they lack initiative.
A clear example in Mexico is bad as a society look esque "many people who were born poor, die poor." It is asociety in which we see only ourselves.

Mexico is also one of the countries in which states do not invest for the population because there is a lack of leaders who are seeking new forms of education oremployment as a priority.

There are systems in which elites are afraid to educate the poor people because they do not have any study would not have the ability and competitive.
Mexico is notrealizing that as the oil to different countries affects us because we think that will help us long term.

We are one of the countries in which we are the victim of an education that does not allow theMexicans to compete, talk and interact with the world.
We are in a Mexico which produces "nationalist people but people educationally backward" a Mexico that does not see the future.

In order tomodernize Mexico would be needed to start from the base and the family, government and schools.

Mexico is a very conformist country in which we always think or say "at least" a country with low andshrunken expectations. The way in which we compare ourselves down.
Mexico can not imagine anything better that's why settle for what you have.
Mexico is based on the defense of "at least" which is amediocre mind.
Mexicans are trapped by misconceptions, Mexico is one who does not thinks differently and therefore can not adapt to new circumstances.

Thanks to conformity and dead ideas, Mexico isalready used as if this was something normal "routinary." Normal in Mexico is the "abnormality"
In Mexico, politicians are not to blame but also the citizens who evade taxes and paying bribes...
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