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Research Paper Due to the poverty in some countries of origin, many families decide to emigrate towards the United States. The majority crosses of illegal form risking its lives and others are immigrated by their families. When they arrive at the country they find different education systems and the language is abarrier, due to this the parents cannot help to its children in a matter of its education. The social conditions are very important factors in the education of people; when the people have better economic resources they have majors possibilities of obtaining a profession. Some immigrants with the worse levels of education are Latinos; this is caused because the Latinos have low economic levels almostalways. “Social class is a status hierarchy in which individuals and groups are classified on the basis of esteem and prestige acquired mainly through economic success and accumulation of wealth. Four common social classes, in their descending order, are: Upper class, Middle class, Working class, and the Lower class.” (Business Dictionary) In the upper class are the elite, the elite is the top of theupper class. The upper class is distinguished from the lower class by its influence, power, and their wealth. “Commonly only one percent or less of the population belongs to the upper class but it often controls one-third to two-thirds of the national wealth.” (Business Dictionary) The middle class is often component of the white-collar (non-manual) workers, small business owners, professionals,and low-level managers; this class is between the laboring masses and the ruling class. The middle class “often constitutes one third of the employed population of a country.” (Business Dictionary) The lower or working class, the working class usually depends on physical labor and based on hourly wage. Typically the working class has a lower education level, and has less economic resources. Theworking class is about one third or more of the population.

There is a relation between education and social level; there is an association between the familiar origins of student, and usually measures in terms of educative level of the parents and their socioeconomic position. When a family is in an upper class level usually is more common that their children’s have a higher education level.For a person with higher economic resources is easier to obtain a better education and attend to a university a finish a career in whatever their want. For people that their parent that are not professionals it’s harder to get an education; the people who are in the middle class have higher possibilities to obtain an education that those who are in the lower or working class but less opportunitiesthan those in the upper class. “Dr Bruce Charlton said the domination of middle-class students at elite universities is a 'natural outcome' of IQ differences between social groups.”(Clark) The children’s of parents on the working class level are more probable to drop out of school and get a job on something that requires physical labor. “Working-class youngsters have lower IQs than theirmiddle-class counterparts, an academic claimed last night.” (Clark) Immigrants come to United States with dreams, and the priory one is to get a better life, and with a better life they meant economic and education. “Junaid Afeef’s parents moved their family from India to the United States when he was 4 years old for one reason only— education.” (Kridel) Usually the immigrants in the United States havelower education levels compared to the levels on the of the native-born, “nearly 88 percent of native-born Americans versus 68 percent of foreign born” (Kridel) For many parents their goals are to have more money for the benefit of their family, work many hours in some works that don’t paid that good because they don’t have a green card or a work permissions. In some families both parents work while...
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