Socio educational context

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In this part the setting of our school is going to be pointed out, the socio economic level, the chosen year and cycle, the number of students and the diversity in thechosen year.

Regarding the setting of my school we should mention that our school is located in a centric area of a big town and that is a quite small school as it has only one class in each yearcourse.

Dealing with the chosen year and the cycle we have to point out that we have chosen the 4TH YEAR OF PRIMARY EDUCATION THAT IS THE 2ND CYCLE OF PRIMARY EDUCATION. This implies that studentshave previous experience as far as learning English is concerned. Therefore this basic knowledge will be my starting point in familiarising students with the foreign language, a central aim in thefirst years of Primary Education.

3.1- Families

In general, our children’s parents belong to middle class, so there exists a respect for pupils’ education. Parents like cooperating with theschool. Besides, we can count on the possibility of having extra money for: material for handicraft exercises if needed,
storybooks to read in class or at home if desired and excursions to the nearsurrounding
if possible.

3.2.-Schoolar context.

We have to highlight that this school is situated in an important urban area.

Spanish Primary Education comprises six academic years, from six totwelve years and it is organized into three cycles of two years each one. The main purpose of Primary Education is to provide children with a basic education enabling them to acquire basic culturalknowledge and skills related to oral expression, reading and writing, as well as a gradual independence of behaviour in their environment. When finishing this level, children should have acquire someskills related to communication and understanding and appreciating their social and natural environment. The areas for Primary Education are:

& Spanish language and literature.
& Mathematics.