Sociogramas para adolescentes

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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2010
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Pan-American Launches Middle School

Beginning in February 2010, 6th and 7th grade students at Pan-American School will encounter new and exciting changes in the form of Pan-American MiddleSchool. Many members of the school’s community have worked for months, planning and designing the structure of our new middle school. We are happy to present our collected vision of middle school andthe benefits it will offer Pan-American Students.
Many months ago school staff began a conversation about the possibility and benefits of establishing a middle school concept for 6th and 7thgrades at Pan-American School. Research was conducted that indicated the many benefits of the middle school concept and highlighted the rewards reaped by students during their high school years frombeing a part of a successful middle school.

An age of change

Young adolescence is a time of tremendous change for children and many times these changes affect students at school as well ashome. With the introduction of our middle school, we hope to provide an environment that will address the many changing needs of the early adolescent student. Multiple enhancements to our currentprogram will be visible, including an increased emphasis on human development, fostering hands-on instructional techniques, increased time for physical activity and the arts, and the implementation ofthe Advisory Program.
Pan-American Middle School recognizes the changes that occur in early adolescents and we will foster those changes in an educational environment, with an increased presenceof our Human Development Program. Are we extending the time of this class? More than 45 min per week? This program addresses emotional and physical changes in students and how these changes can beembraced. We hope to offer middle school students a window into their own development and how this development will affect them in the future. We believe that the structure of this program can be...
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