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| Abscess - Get Online Advice - - - |
General information on AbscessAn abscess is a lump or sac that contains pus. Abscesses are usually caused by bacteria, foreign material under the skin orparasites. Animal bites or trauma to the skin and underlying tissue may make the area prone to infection and abscess formation.

Beginning stages of an abscess formation happens when the body's immunesystem detects an abnormality in the skin that could be foreign material or bacteria. Blood flows to the area allowing white blood cells fight the infection.
The abscess can grow and pop on it’s own orit can grow and may need to be lanced by a veterinarian.Symptoms of AbscessAbscess Symptoms include swelling, pain, discharge from wound and sometimes hair missing around the area where the abscess islocated. The infected area can also feel hot. View Symptoms Of Abscess |
Treatments for AbscessIf the abscess pops, keep the area clean and prevent the dog from licking or chewing on abscessed area,as this will cause more bacteria to get into the wound.
If a foreign body under the skin causes the abscess, it may require a surgical treatment to relieve the pus and foreign body. Antibioticswould then be used to fight the infection.Addison's Disease - Get Online Advice - - - |
General information on Addison's DiseaseAddison's Disease is a disease that results from the reduction incorticosteroid secretion from the adrenal gland. When this happens the metabolism and electrolytes get out of balance cause Addison's Disease symptoms.Symptoms of Addison's DiseaseThe symptoms of Addison'sDisease are lethargy, anorexia, vomiting, and muscle weakness. The dog may collapse from shock due to the electrolyte and metabolic imbalance during a period of stress. View Symptoms Of Addison'sDisease |
Treatments for Addison's DiseaseIf you suspect Addison's Disease seek veterinary advice immediately. Diagnosis is confirmed by a blood test and treatment of medication to balance electrolytes...