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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2012
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Mrs. Nannette Kelly
Camille Claudel’s Movie Questions

1. Identify and discuss the sculptural techniques you observed in the film.
Camille Claudel used for the most partclay, marble, and green granite.
2. Identify and discuss Claudel’s style. What was she trying to express in her work? Camille Claudel started to develop a whole new change in those years wherewoman were very restricted on what they were supposed to do. I think that the idea of her working with nude models also influenced in this change. She was able to express emotions, and feelings thru hersculptures .It were not normal for woman to be artists, nor sculptors. She was very talent on what she did. She was even better that some of the male artists in those years.

3. What was thegeneral view and treatment of women artists in the nineteenth century? Women were treated as if they were less than men. That was the mentality that people used to have back in those days. Fortunately,Camille Claudel changed that thinking and showed up that no matter what, woman can be as talented as men.

4. Do you think Claudel was really insane in the end? If so, what may have caused it?If not, what do you think was really wrong with her?

I think that she actually started to become insane since Rodin left her. That was the beginning of her illness. She committed an abortion,started to drink until she became an alcoholic. After that, she just destroyed the majority of her art work, which for me was the most devastating part. Another thing that got her in a worst depression wasthe dead of her father. He was with whom she felt save and understood. Her mother never understood her, or at least didn’t show it.
5. What is your overall opinion of the film?
I really liked it.I think that she was very talented on what she did, but is really sad that she had to spend thirty years of her life at the mental hospital. It’s very sad to discover all the things that sometimes...
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