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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Maurits Sanclemente SYG200011-04-10

Chapter 69
How would Durkheim explain the relatively high suicide rate among rock stars and other celebrities?
Suicide, that is an intentional death, appearsin all societies from the earliest times. Major differences have existed, however, in societies' attitudes toward suicide, in the way in which suicide is committed, and in the rates of frequency atvarious times in history. People who attempt or commit suicide usually suffer from extreme emotional pain and distress, they and feel unable to deal with their problems. They are likely to suffer frommental illness, particularly severe depression, and to feel hopeless about the future. In this case, Emile Durkheim talks about the limits that society imposed, so it affects the feelings of people whoare dealing with different types of problems until they commit suicide. Definitely, suicide rates are high among celebrities because they have to deal with many situations involving people orsometimes money, so that’s what make them feel depressed in some cases.

Chapter 70
What does Weber see as the great burden of living in a modern society? In other words, what comforts of the past areless available to modern people?
Society today is not very interested in knowing why things are as they are. In Addition, technology has a great influence on today’s people because it allows people'sdisinterest in trying to raise awareness of things. In Other Words, they do not do research, and also, they care less in knowing how Things work. In contrast, society in the past was more careful withmoney and comfort without misusing it.

Chapter 71
What do you think we might do to improve the social health of the United States? Why?
To improve the social health of the United States, society...
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