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Sociology is the study of social behavior and the human groups. Sociological imagination is the attempt of sociologist to understand the social behavior. The key element in sociological imaginationis the ability to view one’s own society as an outsider would. Sociological imagination and make us understand more some activities of daily life. Science is the obtained knowledge by the study ofthings. Science is divided in two, Natural science and Social science. Natural science which consists in the study of physical phenomenon of nature astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics arenatural science. Social science is the study of certain aspects in the human society and reactions sociology, anthropology, economics, history, psychology and political science are some social science.Anthropologist studies the past cultures. Economist explores the way people produces and gains goods. Historians are connected to the events and peoples of the past. Political scientist studies theinternational relationships. Psychologists investigate personality and individual behavior. Sociologist focus on the influence that society has on people attitudes and behaviors.
Socialscientists do not accept a fact because everyone knows it, instead every piece of evidence most be tested. Sociologist thing about theories as attempts to explain events or ideas. Theory is a statement thatseeks to explain problems. Effective theory has both explanatory and predictive power.
Some early sociologist where Auguste Comte, Harriet Martineau, Herbert Spencer, Emile Durkheim, Max Weberand Karl Marx. Auguste Comte (1798 – 1857) was the more influential of these philosophers, believed that a theoretical science of society were needed to improve. He coined the term sociology to applyto the science of human behavior. Harriet Martineau (1802 – 1876) she observed the customs and social practices of both her native Britain and the United States. She wrote a book named Society in...
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