Soft drinks

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"Soft drinks" is a term used for beverages that don't contain alcohol ("hard" liquor).
Soft drinks have become so much a part of modern living, especially in major cities around theworld.
Soft drinks advertisements target young people who drink soft drinks in place of water.
Not only are soft drinks widely available everywhere from fast food restaurants to video stores, they're nowsold in 60 percent of all public and private middle schools and high schools nationwide,

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A majority of softdrinks contain large amounts of refined sugar content of up to 15 teaspoons each in a 325 ml can. One can a day gives you more sugar than is necessary for your body
Soft drinks increases your risks ofdiabetes, heart disease, indigestion and skin problems it causes a dependency situation. Increases the sugar level rapidly,
Contrary, water is a vital beverage for good health. Each and every cell needswater to perform its essential functions.


1*) How healthful are these beverages?
• these drinks are unhealthy for my body, cause have sugar in large quantities and could causeproblems of the heart, diabetes, indigestion and skin problems
2*) what happens if you drink a lot soft drinks at a very young age?
• now maybe nothing, but in the future may bring me healthproblems
3*) what you think about this reading? Give your opinion
• I think it is very instructive because as youth we sometimes do not pay attention to our health
4*) who the advertisementstarget to?
• I think it is very instructive because as youth we sometimes do not pay attention to our health young people who drink soft drink
5*) why water is good for your health?
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