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GPS Portable Navigation Device

User Manual V43H01

Please read this manual before you start using this device
Thanks for purchasing our product. Please read this manual carefully before starting to use this device. When you use this device, you are supposed to learn well of this product. The information in this manual has been verified for its accuracy. But no liability will be applied forthe correctness of mapping data of navigation, technical and/or editorial interpretation or illustration, or the printing and translation of this manual, nor liable for any consequence or incidental damages caused by using this manual. This device is a complicated technical product consisting of OS and third party software. The manufacturer has paid sufficient attention to and fulfill its duty inits hardware manufacture processing and in development and/or application of the software so as to ensure the device work properly. If there is any malfunction or defective of the device, the manufacturer will provide a warranty for the congenital quality problem, but not covering for any loss or damage of property, or any consequence caused by or related to using this device. The navigationsoftware and mapping data is provided by a third party. Its copyright is protected by laws. A User can only use on this device, any copying or application of the software for other purpose is not allowed. No explicit and/or implicit guarantee or assurance will be applicable for the validity, integrity, correctness, accuracy of mapping data for navigation used on this device, nor liability for anyloss, damage, and/or any consequence caused by or related to defective mapping data or software used on this device. The copyright of this manual is owned by the company and protected by laws. Any copy or translation of whole or part of its content, including words, figures, signs, phonetic index, etc., is only allowed for the individual customer's reference, but not for public circulation, or otherlegal and/or commercial purpose. The company reserves the right for final interpretation of this manual.

General tips for GPS application Function Description
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General tips for GPS application
The following content is tips for GPS device application and operation. Please read it before starting use of the GPS device, so that you may make a better use of the GPS device. While the GPS device is working, it receives sig n alfrom satellites for positioning. The signal from satellite may not be received, or be weakened in room, nearby some big buildings, or under overhead bridges. When the GPS device is receiving satellite signals, you will get sig n als from different satellites when you are in different places, this is called "Satellite Path", a "Satellite Path" only covers a range of 300 KM. If a "Satellite Path" isdefined at place A, then turn off the device and move to another place beyond 300 KM away from A, the device is under another "Satellite Path", At this moment, the device needs to search for satellite signal again. To track the new "Satellite Path", this will take quite a long time. To save time for this searching, you may click "GPS Reset" button in menu of "GPS Testing" to clear the previous“Satellite Path". It will be difficult and taking more time to catch positioning sig n al from satellite during high speed driving. It is suggested to search the positioning signal by stoping your car for a better and safer effect. While charging the device, please only use the travel charger or car charger equipped by the manufacturer in its original package. Other chargers may cause damage to...
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