Soldiers multigenre

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Heidy Ann Seda
Ellen Pratts
Expository English
May 10, 2011

The military “selects” your opportunity.
Any country tends to believe to the military as a protection body, I believe that anybody viewed the reasons of each soldier to occupy these positions. The soldiers are the army's inventory and its strength as the munitions that the military possesses. In the military, the army has severalworking ranges or jobs. In this paper I will only make a mention of cavalry, artillery, infantry and logistics soldiers viewing the woman role in each one.

In the book "Opportunities in Military Careers", Adrian A. Paradis said “Young American men and women today have a constantly widening and impressive array of career opportunities awaiting them” Page ix., explain to the nation the other sideof the coin. I always said that the people who enlist the army, rather than get a job, get a chance of a new experience. The people who aren't close to military forces don't understand that what is needed initially is passion for military jobs. When he assumes that, you think that the opportunity for a military career depends on the degree of a soldier, either male or female. Paradis principle is“the realization of all free people must be protected", then was become in army doctrine. I agree with the Paradis because he view the special characteristic of the military and its main component the soldier. When some authors writes a book about the issue of family and friends? What the families think about the enlisted and reenlisted soldiers? I always trying to answer: Soldiers know thepeople they are trying to protected? Who protects my soldiers?
Men and women who enlist for the military serve with the rest of the world. Paradis said “Our man and woman in the armed forces serve in many capacities at many locations in the United States and around the world” Page ix. For this reason each soldier is forced to specialize in some area within the military. However, during the 21stcentury when some woman enlist to the army never was notified about her limitations or function into the military forces and was excluded of some jobs. She enlists to a limited opportunity, because her capacities don’t have the same standards of other soldiers mans.

During the study of military jobs in the army the training determine each group. The type of training is determined if the soldier is aman or woman for the range or job in armored vehicles define and historical dictionary Camber 21st Century. For example; cavalry scout are typically the first soldiers in the combat area. My own view is all these positions that don't discriminate directly to the women, but the training levels (16 weeks) and stipulations (load 100 pounds of supplies) affect women functions in combat. All soldiersfrom the cavalry should know how to manage tank, and armored vehicles and antitank weapons. The irresponsibility of one soldier may result in risk to the entire unit. Rod Powers admit “the cavalry is the commander’s eyes and ears oh the battlefield” in the electronic article. Powers demonstrates the importance of this range and the exclusion of the woman in this job.

As a history note thecavalry began since 1861 initially being named "Buffalo's Soldiers" characterized by men who wrote of his own heroics exploits emphasizing on gentleman such as Sherry Garland in his book "The Buffalo Soldier". In the military forces the positions like cavalry exclude women from the combat area, these polemic results in the hundreds of book written during this century. Lorry Fenner (colonel), when shewrote "Woman in Combat: Civic Duty or Military Liability?" in one hand she proposed that the woman is qualified to participate fully in the military forces (helping and fighting) argues -“…job standards don’t change to accommodate gender of a service member”-. I understand the position of Fenner from the feminist side. I agree in the safety act of the military to defend the protection of a woman...
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