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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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Good  Afternoon.
Mrs, Dharshim  

 My name is Adan Gzz I work in a insurance  bureau  I’m writing  you since Monterrey Mexico
my enterprise is Invep we work  with insurance companiesinsurance and we had knowledge  case the his husband where he have falling in the pool from hotel  Riu I need to tell you that we going to take this claim  of case  your husband by so  we could  you help uswith the insurance claim  by now  we  are receiving all your information so your case.

Below this e mail  described  information that we will be need   for insurance claim

*Could you send some photos when occurred the claim (clear pictures when the incident occurred )
* Could you describe the in fact how occurred ?
* Could you tell us the people involved in the incident of her husband ?* Could you send us medic reports or if you could describe if your husband  received medical attendance ?
* Could you describe if he received very  late  Professional treatment by  the injury thatoccurred in hotel Riu his husband
* It  Was necessary  some  treatment ?
* The hotel had first aid  and could you describe it ?
*  The services offered by doctors were acceptable or bad for herhusband´s recovery from the injury
*  Who paid medical expenses ?
*  Your husband has  medical insurance ?
* Your husband before he had had any injury ?
* Have had contact with someone link to thathotel could you tell us names and addresses
* How do he feel now your husband even presents some nuisance ?
* His husband is in rehab now or took some before this incident ?
* There any refund ofpayment made for medical expenses
* Do you have some refund of payment  or receipt for medical expenses by part the hotel Riu
* Could you explain the reimbursement of medical expenses
* How much ismedical expense up to this moment.
*  Your husband has any insurance ?
  Also  we will be need for your claim
1.-Receipts, invoices  medical tickets or bills etc.
2.- Copies documents
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