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Solomon System Series

Tools for Visual Basic
Solomon IV ® Tools for Visual Basic provides your organization with a flexible
development foundation to build complete line-of-business applications for
Solomon. The applications you create can integrate fully with Solomon and have
the identical “look and feel” of Solomon applications. With Tools for Visual Basic,
you can leverage yourorganization’s Visual Basic development expertise and
minimize the amount of programming effort required to develop applications to
interface with Solomon and Microsoft SQL Server.

Solomon Tools for
Visual Basic provides
Microsoft Visual Basic
Add-Ins to automate
the creation of Visual
Basic Controls and
assist in the
development process.
ActiveX controls and
properties are fullyintegrated with the
Visual Basic
Environment (IDE).

Powerful Development Foundation
Tools for Visual Basic provides you the identical application development
foundation used to create Solomon. It is a 32-bit component-based architecture
designed exclusively for Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft BackOffice. This
architecture enables you to use the latest Microsoft 32-bitoperating systems and
Tools for Visual Basic allows you to concentrate on designing the business
application and associated logic. It provides a set of ActiveX components that are
automatically “bound” to the Microsoft SQL Server database objects used
throughout Solomon. Its compliance with Microsoft’s Component Object Model
(COM) technology means you can also create your ownreusable objects and
ActiveX controls using standard techniques.

Tools for Visual Basic

Access to the Power of SQL Server
Tools for Visual Basic includes a set of components that provide an access layer
to the Microsoft SQL Server database APIs. Examples of these components
include forward and backward record navigation via the Solomon toolbar, field
validation, field value lookup,common event logging, multi-user contention, and
automated transaction rollback. These components minimize the effort required
to create Microsoft SQL Server-based applications.
You can use SQL Server’s Transact SQL programming language for intensive
operations that run exclusively on the SQL Server database engine, and develop
your own SQL Server stored procedures. These procedures, along withany of the
existing Solomon IV stored procedures, can be referenced in your applications

Time-Saving Development Utilities
In addition to programming components, Tools for Visual Basic also provides
design dictionary utilities to support the development process. These utilities
enable you to easily maintain SQL table data, generate new SQL tables, place
Visual Basic (VB) controls on VBforms with application properties already set,
and add new reports from Seagate Crystal Reports.
You can use the included VB project template for new applications you create.
This template contains reference to the minimum required type libraries and
component files to allow you to quickly begin development of new Solomon
Three utilities contain table and field layout informationto simplify building
applications. The Record Maintenance utility manages a database of SQL table
names. The Field Maintenance utility manages data field definitions for the tables
listed in Record Maintenance. The Generate schema utility constructs table
creation files that build SQL Server data tables and definition files for VB projects.
The Dictionary Browse utility automates the processof placing VB controls on VB
forms. This Visual Basic Add-In saves you significant time, because many of the
VB properties are set automatically from the data dictionary.

Customization Manager Support
Any application that is created using Tools for Visual Basic is Customization
Manager-enabled. This means that users of your applications can perform
customizations and extensions to your...
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