Solstice and equinox

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Earth’s natural reference points
North Pole
South Pole
Equatorial planes
Rotational Axis

The equatorial plane
It an imaginary plane that passes through earth halfwaybetween the poles and perpendicular to the axis of rotation

1. Axis of rotation
It is an imaginary line that connects the points of the earth surface called North Pole and South Pole

What is therelationship between the earth and the Sun?
Life on earth is dependent on solar energy
The relationship between the earth and the sun does not remain the same because of the movement of the earthEARTH MOVEMENTS
Two basic Earth movements are critical for continuously changing the geometric perspective between the two:

Earth Movement
Daily Rotation on its axis
Annual Revolution around thesun

Daily Earth Rotation On Its Axis
Earth rotates from West to East in a counterclockwise direction
One rotation of the Earth takes about 24 hours and it equals a one day.

What are theeffects of the earth’s daily rotation on its axis?

1.Coriolis Effect
Deflection in the flow path of both air and water current.
To the right in the Northern Hemisphere
To Left in the SouthernHemisphere
2. Gravitation pull
Onshore and offshore rhythmic movement of ocean water
Rise and fall of water level ( tides)
3. Night and day
4. stars, sun, moon and planets appear to rise in the east
Asthe Earth rotates to the East, any object not attached to it will seem to drift to the West.
This is why the stars, Sun, Moon, and planets all rise in the East, and set in the West.

Earth’s revolution around the sun takes 365¼ days in a counterclockwise Direction
The path that the earth follows is elliptical – not circular.…because of that, the earth-sun distance is notconstant.

Earth-sun distance
Closest at 147,166,480km ( 91,455,000miles) also known as Perihelion on or about January 3rd. Farthest at 152,171,500 (94,555,000miles) also known as Aphelion on or...
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