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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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[Solubility] |
Life Sciences-------------------------------------------------
Tanya Plett
August 24, 2012

Content Table
Solubility 3
 Experiment 1: Preparing Lemonade 3
 Experiment 2; Oil and Water:3
 Experiment 3; Soap: 4
References 5

* Experiment 1: Preparing Lemonade
If we put sugar into a glass in which we have already an equivalent amount of water andlemon and stir it, it will be dissolved easier because lemon provides water more energy to break the bond in the sugar molecule.
Independent Variable | Dependent Variable |
Amount of water,sugar and lemon and the order in which we put them together. | Sugar's solubility in water |

It was easier for us to dissolve sugar in the glass of water that already had lemon( glass 1),we were hoping for it to be harder because the amount of sugar we had to put in there was more than in glass 2, but results appeared to be the contrary. It was not difficult to dissolve sugar inglass 2 but it was not so easy as in glass was even though it was a smaller amount of sugar.
* Experiment 2; Oil and Water:
To try to put together water and oil by adding drops of oilinto a glass of water one by one stirring between each one.
* With the first drop, the oil went to the bottom of the glass in separate parts and little by little it began coming to thesurface and coming all together at the center of the top.
* The second drop made the same but when it joined with the one that was already in the glass, all the oil began to separate slowly andwent to the borders of the glass.

At first, while we stirred the water and oil fast it appeared like it was dissolved but when we let it rest all the oil joined in the top. It all...
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