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Solucions dels Qüestionaris de “Hot Potatoes” del 1r lliurament. Complete the dialogue. Choose the right word. Do a finish is job like meeting not where work you

- Hello Jane, wheredo you work? I'm a shop assistant in a small bookshop.-Do you like your job, Jane? - Yes, I do. It is very interesting. I like meeting people. What about you, Mike?- Well, I'm awaiter. But I don't like working in a restaurant. - Why? - Because I finish work very late and it's not very interesting.

Solucions del qüestionari: free time activities Omple els buitsamb les següents paraules: cooking dancing going listening reading swimming travelling walking watching

My father likes dancing with my mother, they are good dancers! They like walkingin the park in the evening. Children like swimming in the sea in summer. Tom likes cooking meals for his friends on Sundays. Susan likes listening to the radio in the morning. Peterlikes reading science fiction books. My grandfather likes watching the TV news in the afternoon. I like travelling to exotic countries. They like going out with friends on Friday evening Solucions del Qüstionari :Quantifiers a / an / some / any / How much? / How many? 1-How _much___water do you drink a day? 2-Is there _any__cheese in the sandwich? 3-There is_some__chocolate cake in the fridge. 4-I'd like __some__sugar in my coffee. 5-How __much___ rice do you need? 6-I haven't got _any___books. 7-I'm sorry. I haven't got _any___money. 8-How_much___ money does that T-shirt cost? 9-You should take __an___ umbrella because it is raining. 10-How _many_____ sandwiches did you eat for lunch? 11-How _many____ children are there onthe bus? 12-Have you got _any__ apples? 13-There are _some_ boxes near the door. 14-There is _an____ interesting film on TV tonight. 15-How _many__ books are there on the shelf?

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