Some tv programs are bad influence on children

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Some TV Programs Are Bad Influence On Children



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University of Panama
Colon Regional Center

June 19, 2011

Thesis Statement: Some TVprograms are bad influence on children


I - Watching TV is the N°1 after-school activity for children.
A – Children spend many hours watching TV
1 - Prefer to stayattached to TV
2 – They don’t do their chores or their homeworks
B – Children don’t do physical activities
1 – They might have laziness
2 – They mighthave obesity

II - Some TV programs take away our children’s innocence
A – Children believe that violence is acceptable
1 – Learn bad languages and learn about sex and drugs2 – They try to imitate that violence to other children
B – Children become lonely
1 – They don’t play with friends
2 – They think that behaviour is normalIII – What to do to control TV’s bad influence
A – Replace TV time with educational activities
B – Parents most share TV time with their children
C – Increase the family’s socialinteraction


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Some TV Programs Are Bad Influence On Children

Many years ago, since 1926, when the first broadcasting program was emitted in the world to a TVset, its inventors never expected the huge influence of it on the human race. Today, there is at least one TV set in every house, the whole family enjoys of its programs; however, our children are themost influence by this activity. Consequently, without an appropriate parental supervision, watching TV has become the N°1 after-school activity preferred by children. Because of this their innocenceis at risk; they might believe that the content of those programs is acceptable and normal. With this in mind, the TV bad’s influence, we must think on what to do to control it.
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