Something to believe

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Why do we need something to Believe?

We need a reason to be alive. Why? Why can't we just wander around? Why do we feel lost?

Why do we need religion? Why do we need ideas? Why do we need tobelieve something is right and something is wrong?

Maybe it's a part of what we are, or maybe it is an old habit that has become a human attribute; the need to explain things.

I believe there isonly two reasons to be alive; fear and curiosity.

Some people are afraid of death, of where we go after we die. They refuse to believe they could simply disappear, they do not accept the fact thatmaybe life is pointless and useless.

Other people are simply paranoid about dying; they wish they could live forever. They betray the world to buy themselves some more time on Earth; they refuseto acknowledge that they can't cheat death forever.

I'd like to state proudly that my reason for living is loyalty; that I couldn't hurt the people who love me by taking myself away from themearlier than needed, which is true, but goes right under the fear category. I am afraid to hurt them.

And then there's curiosity. As tempting as life sometimes makes it to just get this over with thereis always a 'what if' attached to the decision… what if tomorrow is a better day? Don't I want to live a little but longer to see what happens? What if there is something great waiting for me aroundthe corner?

But we don't always get to choose.

Everyone dies.

Death is sad. It strikes unexpectedly and makes us cry, but it is the only thing we can take for granted. I find some comfort indeath because I believe I can take it for ceratin.

And nothing is permanent.

Everything ends; nothing lasts forever. This is a very reasonable thing to believe.

However, maybe it's wrong.Maybe somethings last forever, maybe even death will die some-day or some-night.

As for me, I find I believe many things when I look into it, and I believe that maybe writing them down will help me...
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