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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Song and Dance is back! I want to be the manager of the money. It is a perfect occasion to show that I am responsible person. It is also important to show my classmates thatthey can trust me, but unfortunately I am a timid girl. This was the appropriate situation to be with them, being a friendly girl and also being a responsible person.
We were near the parking lot inthe twilight after we finished to paint the scenery with white, Chistie decided to talk with us, and to show the different groups we could have, then she said, one girl has to be the manager of themoney, of course I wanted to be, but Catalina Martin too, so Chistie made a raffle, and unfortunately I lost, and I felt very sad, because this was my greed.
Two days later, Catalina told me that ifI wanted I could be the manager. I accepted and I oath that I was going to do a very good job. I really couldn’t believe Cata allowed me to be the manager, I had a deep gratitude with this generousgesture, I couldn’t believe it. I was so confused that I tried to summarize everything in my head. Then I asked Cata to give me the money she had, and the list of the girls that already had giventhe money to her. Then she told me that each girl had to contribute with $40.000, and it will be useful if I get a routine so after that I can concentrate on my responsibility, so I had to focus on thisjob. Then she gave an advice, she told me that if I classify the money it will be easier to manage it because it was a very big amount of money.
I was very grateful with Cata because she let mecomplete my dream. That week was great for me. I was lavish, I couldn’t expect more and after I got a systematic plan well done, I would do a very good job, and fortunately I did. I already picked upall the money without having any problem and I hope I will finish my job doing it great. Also I am very happy because I did a thorough, complete job. With this job I learned to be more responsible...
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