Sonnys blues

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Sonny’s Blues is a narrative story written in first person and it starts with the narrator, the brother of the main character, reading a newspaper and getting the news that his brother Sonny gotarrested because of the sell and use of heroin. Sonny, who is the main character, is a jazz and blues musician who plays the piano and is also heroin user. After the narrator got the news about he decidesto get back in touch with sonny, feeling a little bit guilty about his road of addiction and because his younger daughter has died. By playing “jazz” Sonny found a way to feel free of the drugaddiction and racism slavery that surrounded him during his life. After hearing that splendid music his brother Sonny played, the narrator realized that it was the music that freed Sonny from the sufferingand pain. In their encounter Sonny and his brother, both learn the meaning of freedom through the jazz that Sonny played.
Before all of those encounters, Sonny got out of jail and went back toHarlem, New York. After a few weeks Sonny explains to his brother why he uses heroin, and tries to explain that is because of pain he has suffered during his life and that the only way to escape from itis by using drugs. The narrator replies to Sonny about his drug addiction and tries to blame the music and his group for leading him to that path. Sonny got angry and started to argue with his brotherabout his rejection and no understanding that music has nothing bad to do with him, music soon became his way to escape.
It was not easy to live during those times and in that place. People had totake a close look to the time and place the story took place. It was around the 1950’s decade, the war was recently over, crime and drug addiction in Harlem was ten percent higher than the rest of NewYork and twelve percent more than the total in USA. Racism and discrimination against minority, which included black and Latin American by that time, was at the most. Black people were not allowed...
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