Sorry for party rocking

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Sorry for party rocking... 

I'll be up in the party, looking for a hottie to bone
I gotta drink in my hand ans they just called buffalo
Popping bottles in the house and models in the V.I.P
Allthe girls make out for the whole damn club to see

Let's go! People always say that my music's loud
Sorry for party rocking! 
Leave those complaints, and turn it down
Sorry for party rocking! Haters don't like, we got the spotlight
Sorry for party rocking! 
When they talk shit, we just pick a line
Sorry for party rocking! 

Baby baby baby I'm awfully crazy
I'm so rocked of patroneshit whatever's tasty
We don't got no manners hanging off the rafters
Lets go drink for drink a hundred bucks she on the lasters
Check my style take a good look I'm fresh bitch 
In my way with musicso loud I'm deaf bitch
Getting brain at a redlight with people watching 

Sorry for party rocking
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If youshow up already tow up this is what you say 
Sorry for party rocking
And if you blacked out with you're sack out this is what you say 
Sorry for party rocking
And if you throw up in a hoes cup thisis what you say 
Sorry for party rocking
And if she has a hizzefizz cause you whiskeydick this is what you say 
Sorry for party rocking

Oh oh oh oh

I'm here for when ever the club sippin buzzreally drunk and I see a fat booty
Got to have it I'm a grab it cause it's a habbit automatic like uzi
With the sick flow make a chick go crazy and plastered tatta 
It's Redfoo the dude a trueparty rockaaaah

I'm true to the game to this is called beerpong and I can't loose 
I got some bad bitches in the back with some vodka on tap 
And a bit of little of gray goose oh of yeah we killinshit with our money
We deal legit so here is a sorry in advance 
No hard feelings bitch 

Sorry for party rocking

People always say that my musics loud 
Sorry for party rocking
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