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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2010
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Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ for USB
NI USB-6008, NI USB-6009
• Small and portable • 12 or 14-bit input resolution, at up to 48 kS/s • Built-in, removable connectors for easier and more cost-effective connectivity • 2 true DAC analog outputs for accurate output signals • 12 digital I/O lines (TTL/LVTTL/CMOS) • 32-bit event counter • Student kits available • OEM versions available

• • • • • Windows 2000/XP Mac OS X1 Linux®1 Pocket PC Win CE

Recommended Software
• LabVIEW • LabWindows/CVI

Measurement Services Software (included)
• NI-DAQmx • Ready-to-run data logger

OS X and Linux users need to download NI-DAQmx Base.

Product USB-6009 USB-6008
1 SE


Analog Inputs1 8 SE/4 DI 8 SE/4 DI

Input Resolution (bits) 14 12

Max SamplingRate (kS/s) 48 10

Input Range (V) ±1 to ±20 ±1 to ±20

Analog Outputs 2 2

Output Resolution (bits) 12 12

Output Rate (Hz) 150 150

Output Range (V) 0 to 5 0 to 5

Digital I/O Lines 12 12

32-Bit Counter 1 1

Trigger Digital Digital

= single ended, DI = differential

Hardware Description
The National Instruments USB-6008 and USB-6009 multifunction data acquisition (DAQ)modules provide reliable data acquisition at a low price. With plug-and-play USB connectivity, these modules are simple enough for quick measurements but versatile enough for more complex measurement applications.

Recommended Accessories
The USB-6008 and USB-6009 have removable screw terminals for easy signal connectivity. For extra flexibility when handling multiple wiring configurations, NIoffers the USB-6008/09 Accessory Kit, which includes two extra sets of screw terminals, extra labels, and a screwdriver. In addition, the USB-6008/09 Prototyping Accessory provides space for adding more circuitry to the inputs of the USB-6008 or USB-6009.

Software Description
The NI USB-6008 and USB-6009 use NI-DAQmx high-performance, multithreaded driver software for interactive configurationand data acquisition on Windows OSs. All NI data acquisition devices shipped with NI-DAQmx also include VI Logger Lite, a configuration-based data-logging software package. Mac OS X and Linux users can download NI-DAQmx Base, a multiplatform driver with a limited NI-DAQmx programming interface. You can use NI-DAQmx Base to develop customized data acquisition applications with National InstrumentsLabVIEW or C-based development environments. NI-DAQmx Base includes a ready-to-run data logger application that acquires and logs up to eight channels of analog data. PDA users can download NI-DAQmx Base for Pocket PC and Win CE to develop customized handheld data acquisition applications.

Common Applications
The USB-6008 and USB-6009 are ideal for a number of applications where economy, smallsize, and simplicity are essential, such as: • Data logging – Log environmental or voltage data quickly and easily. • Academic lab use – The low price facilitates student ownership of DAQ hardware for completely interactive lab-based courses. (Academic pricing available. Visit for details.) • Embedded OEM applications.

Low-Cost Multifunction DAQ for USB

Information forStudent Ownership
To supplement simulation, measurement, and automation theory courses with practical experiments, NI has developed the USB-6008 and USB-6009 student kits, which include the LabVIEW Student Edition and a ready-to-run data logger application. These kits are exclusively for students, giving them a powerful, low-cost hands-on learning tool. Visit for more details.Information for OEM Customers
For information on special configurations and pricing, call (800) 813 3693 (U.S. only) or visit Go to the Ordering Information section for part numbers.

Ordering Information
NI USB-60081 ................................................................779051-01 NI USB-60091 ................................................................779026-01 NI...
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