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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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English I
Teacher: Jessica Caballero Varela

Oral Presentation Guideline


Identify and learn new vocabulary words related to the different system used in a vehicleWork to do:

In groups, prepare a presentation about different topics related to the different system used in a vehicle and talk about it in front of your classmates considering:

•Vocabulary, pronunciation, creativity, group organization and order, among others.
• What is it? (Qué es?)
• What is it for? (Para qué es?)
• How does it work? (Como funciona?)

DueDate: According to each course planification. You must submit one evaluation sheet per group.

Total time: minimum 5 minutes, maximum 10 minutes per group.


• La presentación es entenida formal.
• Debe venir en una presentación power point formato INACAP.
• Mínimo 5 minutos, máximo 10 minutos por grupo.
• La evaluación será grupal.
• Deberá adjuntarse unamaqueta correspondiente al sistema presentado y esta debe venir con sus componentes identificados.

Culinary Arts
English I
Teacher: JessicaCaballero Varela

Guideline to an Oral Presentation

Major: _____________________________________ Topic:______________________________________
Section: _______________________ Date:_________________


|N ° | Evaluation Criteria |IDEAL |REAL |
|1 |Main topic is presented complete and in a creative way. |12| |
|2 |Show well use of the topic |6 | |
|3 |Distribution of the...
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