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At Stone Spa you are going to enjoy the experience through your 5 senses...guided by the aromatherapy, essential oils, chromo-therapy, music and our delightful “infusiones”. Also you can feel also the "Four Elements": Earth (areas of massage), Water (Vichy shower, Jacuzzi and Turkish bath with chromo-therapy, water jets and waterfall), Fire (candles) and Air (Mediterranean Garden). tailor* Alltreatments are tailor-made depending on your needs, and also you can creating combine the different experiences by creating your own.

Rafael Hoteles by Casanova– Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 559 – 08011 Barcelona Tel : 93 396 48 00 – -


Water Volcano (20 min/15€)
use) Jacuzzi with jets (singleuse)

Bubble of the Sensations (20 min/15€)
chromoinside people) Turkish bath with chromo-therapy and shower inside (for 1 person or 2 people)

Massage at the Water Volcano (30 min/40€)
Scalp, shoulders and arms massage while the bubbles and the jets are working in the bathtub

Aquatic Massage (30 min/45€)
Feel under the Vichy shower as water runs over your body while you get the massageRafael Hoteles by Casanova– Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 559 – 08011 Barcelona Tel : 93 396 48 00 – -

Massage Massage with aromatherapy and essential oils
(30 min/40€)(45 min/50€)(60 min/65€)(75 min/90€) antiMassage done with essential oils depending on your needs or preferences: anti-stress, strawberrybergamot,sports, cleopatra, peach, orange, strawberry-mandarin, almond, apricot, bergamot, limecoconut, eucaliptus, jasmine, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lime-tree, rose, ylangstrawberry and ylang-ylang

Ayurvedic Massage (60 min/65€) Energetic manoeuvre done with warm sesame oil that regenerate the wear that we are Energetic sesame exposed daily Cava Massage (60 min/65€)
Feel your skin younger andhealthier thanks to the antioxidant effect of Cava

Chocolate Massage (60 min/70€)
temperature. flavou It seduces by the aroma of cocoa and its warm temperature. It is a flavour experience accentuates improves that accentuates the release of stress and improves blood circulation. It is an exotic persuasion that seduces your senses and your skin

Pindas Massage (60 min/70€)
Rice and sesame oil aregoing to nourish and hydrate your skin in a massage with sachets of rice and cinnamon

Gold Massage (60 min/70€)
AntiAnti-stress massage with gold flashes ti

Hot Stone Massage (75 min/90€)
The soft texture and the curative powers of the stones and olive oil are found in the circular movements, producing sensations of relief and resting, in your physical, mental and spiritual fieldsRafael Hoteles by Casanova– Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 559 – 08011 Barcelona Tel : 93 396 48 00 – -

Cupping Massage (60 min/65€)
It has its origins in traditional Chinese medicine. It works the body's meridians. meridians Stimulates the blood flow through suction cups and draining oils, activating the lymphatic system

Lymphatic Drainage (45min/50€)
method. Lymphatic Massage using the Vodder method. It activates lymph circulation helping to remove liquid retention and wastes from the venous stream

Reflexology (45 min/50€)
Experience that works in the reflex points of the feet to achieve your wellness

Couple’s Couple’s Massage (60 min/155€)
At the haima on the Mediterranean Garden. Massage done with essential oilspreferences: antidepending on your needs or preferences: anti-stress, sports, cleopatra, peach, orange, strawberry-mandarin arin, eucaliptus, strawberry-mandarin, almond, apricot, bergamot, coconut, eucaliptus, jasmine, limeylanggrapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, lime-tree, rose, strawberry and ylang-ylang
(just in-season and subject to availability)

Rafael Hoteles by Casanova– Gran Vía de les Corts...
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