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Spain extended an agreement with France. The French may cross the border, with only the identity card, without a passport. The Spanish still require a passport.

Spain . American B 52 bombercollides with its mother aircraft, falling to the sea near Palomares (Almería). The population, seriously concerned to learn that thermonuclear bombs carried aboard. Seven of the 11 crewmen die.
France .Figón Georges, the main witness in the affair Ben Barka, is found dead when police went to arrest him. Ben Barka, the Moroccan opposition leader, was kidnapped and murdered on 29.10. 1965, in Paris,French police incited by Ufqir, Moroccan Interior Minister.

France . General de Gaulle denounces the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam and offers its good offices in Ho Chi Minh.

1966 inflation grewas part of the effect to fund the war in Vietnam continued. Both the US and USSR continued in their space race to see who would be the first to land a man on the moon. Race riots continued to increaseacross cities in America and National Guards were needed to bring back law and order. The fashions in both America and UK came from a small well known street in London ( Carnaby Street ) part of theswinging London scene , both women and men wore patterned pants and flowered shirts and boots, shoes and even caps utilized the plastic and vinyl History of HiFi and Music Players and Media for a wetshiny look. The most popular groups included The "Beach Boys" with Pet Sounds, The "Rolling Stones" with Under my Thumb and The "Beatles" with Revolver, and Yesterday and Today.
* HaroldWilson and the Labour party wins the British General Election
* England defeats Germany to win the 1966 World Cup Final. Find Out More About More Football World Cup and the origins, growth, andthe modern game of soccer.
* Pope Paul VI and Arthur Michael Ramsey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, meet in Rome - the first official meeting for 400 years between the Roman Catholic and...
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