Spanish culture

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In this report I try to explain how Spanish culture is and how do business here.


This report will look at:

• The formal and informaldress in business (main rules)

• Spanish behaviour and meetings

• Spanish “timetable”


To start, I examined the formal and informal dress in a business meeting, forexample.

Girls usually wear black skirt or trousers, white shirt and not very high heels. They should use a natural makeup, only a soft color in their lips.

Boys wear suit, tie, shirt and shoes. Thecolor of the shirt and tie shouldn’t be very strong, and they may be shave. And of course, girls and boys can´t take piercings.

Talking about behaviour, I should stand out Spanish people are veryclose in general.

For example, when they are talking with another person, they usually to be close and when they meet, they give two kisses in cheek, even in business they shake hands; all of this isaccording to the relationship.

The meetings of Spanish people are more relaxed because of their culture. For example they prefer to meet in a house for being more relaxed, because in a restaurantor in a hotel is more formal.

The top topics of conversation is:

➢ Football

➢ Weather

➢ family

➢ anecdotes

➢ experiences

➢ films…

You must also considerthat in Spain people usually be between 5 and 15 minutes later for an appointment, although in business they try to be on time.

You have to know too that the appointment are confirmed with littletime advancement, but the reports need to be fixed with a long time to prepare it.

Another important point to consider is the “timetable” of each country when you are doing business.

In Spainthey usually lunch between 2 or 3 p.m. and dinner is about 9 p.m.. Normally they take a coffee after lunch, and in business is a good moment to make contact.


My conclusion is that...
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