Spanish-english law glossary

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Spanish-English Law Glossary

Over 2,000 terms carefully compiled and researched by Reed D. James. Check back for updates. Spanish: a cambio English: in exchange Spanish: a costa de English: at the expense of Spanish: a cuyo efecto English: to which end Spanish: a efecto de English: with the object of, for the purpose of Spanish: a efectos deEnglish: for the purpose of Spanish: a horcajadas English: straddling Spanish: a instancia de English: at the request of Spanish: a instancias de English: at the request of Spanish: a la letra English: literal Spanish: a la vez English: at the same time Spanish: a la vista English: at sight Spanish: a la vista de English: in light of Spanish: a la vista del caso de epígrafe English: in the above styledcase Spanish: a mayor abundamiento

English: furthermore Spanish: a mi juicio English: in my opinion Spanish: a modo de ejemplo English: by way of illustration Spanish: a nombre de English: in the name of Spanish: a propuesta de English: on the motion of Spanish: a prueba English: a prueba Spanish: a prueba English: on approval Spanish: a prueba English: on a trial basis Spanish: a quehubiera lugar English: which may be proper Spanish: a que se contrae English: referred to Spanish: A quien corresponda: English: To whom it may concern: Spanish: a salvo English: safe Spanish: a su cargo English: in you/his/her/its/their care Spanish: a su costa English: at its expense Spanish: a su costa English: at his expense Spanish: a su digno cargo English: in your worthy care Spanish: a susantecedentes English: on the record Spanish: a tal efecto English: to that end

Spanish: a tal fin English: for this purpose Spanish: a tenor de English: pursuant to Spanish: a título de English: by way of Spanish: a título oneroso English: for value Spanish: a un sólo efecto English: each equally binding Spanish: abogado English: attorney Spanish: abogado general English: general counsel Spanish:absorbible English: absorbable Spanish: abuso sexual English: sexual abuse Spanish: acatamiento English: respect for the law Spanish: acatamiento English: observance Spanish: accessión English: accession Spanish: accidental English: acting Spanish: acción legal English: legal action Spanish: accionante English: plaintiff Spanish: acicatear English: provoke Spanish: acoger English: admit Spanish:acogerse English: have recourse to

Spanish: acogerse a English: take refuge in Spanish: acogido a la ley English: protected by the law Spanish: acompañado English: accompanied Spanish: aconsejar English: advise, give advice to Spanish: acordar English: agree to Spanish: acordar English: decide Spanish: acorde English: suitable Spanish: acotamiento English: annotation Spanish: acreditaciónEnglish: accreditation Spanish: acreditado English: accredited Spanish: acreditar English: demonstrate Spanish: acreditar English: prove Spanish: acreedor English: creditor, debtee Spanish: acreedor hipotecario English: encumbrancer Spanish: acta de defunción English: death certificate Spanish: acta de inicio English: opening record Spanish: acta de presencia English: notarial certificate Spanish:acta fuera de protocolo

English: record outside of official records Spanish: acta notarial English: affidavit Spanish: acto continuo English: immediately thereafter Spanish: acto de conciliación English: conciliation act Spanish: acto jurídico English: legal proceedings Spanish: actuación notarial English: notarial certificate Spanish: actuaciones English: proceedings Spanish: actualizaciónEnglish: update Spanish: actuar English: take action Spanish: actuario English: clerk Spanish: acudir English: go Spanish: acuerdo consorcial English: consortium agreement Spanish: acuerdo de compras English: purchasing agreement Spanish: acuerdo de venta English: sales agreement Spanish: acumulable English: accumulable Spanish: acumulativo English: accumulative Spanish: acuse de recibo English:...
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