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I will try to explain briefly the coproduction of the film in coprod with Sweden.

Co-productions between Sweden and Spain arenot so common. We don’t have a bilateral agreement between both countries and it seems that we are very far to co-produce. The truth is that the Swedish directors (I’m talkingabout author films) are not so popular or well know in Spain. However Swedish and Scandinavian horror films work very well in the Spanish market.

When you have a lot ofplayers the process is slower because you have to comply
- First with all your coproducers.
- Second with the national institutes of cinema of each country
- Inthis case with the international institutions, maybe Eurimages, Media...

In this case you spend so much time in the financing stage.

You cancoproduce with Sweden only or to do a multilateral coproduction, the maximum for the majority coproducer in amultilateral coproduction would be 70% and the minimum for theminority coproducer should be 10%.

With this structure you can apply to Eurimages. We all know Eurimages and we all want to obtain this fund. But also we know thatthere’s a lot of work to do only to submit the application and be eligible. As you know Eurimages requires that at least 50% of the financing of each country have to be confirmed bythe time of the application. This is always a big issue for the producers because normally the majority coproducer is financed (at least 50%) but the minority coproducerfind problems to justify its 50%.

Eurimages grants 17% of the budget maximum.

This was the crucial moment for the film, since you got Eurimages everything is easier.
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