Speaking healthy food

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  • Publicado : 17 de diciembre de 2011
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Angeles: At present the nourishment is a serious problems beacuse teenagers eat a lot of junk food.They eat fast food twice a week approximately.Isabel: Furthemore they aren´t do more exercise and this aggravate the problmes caused by fast food.Fast food is made of a lot of carbohydrates and fats.Angeles: However there are teenagers that eat healthy food, fruit, vegetables...
Due to school dining room childrens have healthy diet because theseintroduced all food. Both meat and fish, fruit and cereals.
Isabel: The diet that they give is a good balanced diet. A balanced diet is is composed of breadand cereals, fruit and vegetables, milk, cheese, meat and fish and finally sweets ect.

Angeles: And there is a study who said the childrens who eat inher houses are more overweigth than childrens who eat in school dining room.

Isabel :Now exist cartoons and programs that promote they have got a ahealthy life, doing exercise with songs and games that burn calories.

Angeles: In Spain exist a small programs that called `` El estirón´´ and in Britainhave a similar programs called ``Kid stay healthy´´ for they find out how to take care of her bodies, eat healthy, and stay fit.

Isabel: We said theschool promote a balanced diet but parents also help for teach her childrens that have a healthy life and eat healthy food because it as funny as candy andsweets.
Angeles: In our opinion teenagers should have more excersice and eat more healthy food but this doesn´t mean that they sometimes eat fast food.
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