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  • Publicado : 22 de julio de 2010
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Speaking of technology is about innovation, when it comes to educational technology it refers to innovations at the level of education that already exist and are increasingly moresophisticated. Just e-mail is a powerful and of great educational value, why, because through email can exchange information of any kind, a party that may also be linked and integrated with others, theteacher can be these and students or others with another level of education or simply non-professional individuals, here people communicate regardless of race, social position, age or degree ofpreperación.
In the same way you learn, because the people have no professional title, always know something good is the trade in which they work or the simple wisdom that they have acquiredthrough experience or acts of daily living, or rather made news about any area even well-informed, reasoned and fully owned by the internet, can also form at home, on the street, on TV and in theworkplace.
That is why it is said that the current educational resources, have the world we live in and it's not just the teacher who has the duty to use them. An important contribution for allinstitutions primarily for educational and policies is to be designed around educational guidelines (for the field of education) course, which takes into account the knowledge you need to knowtechnology and the government well organized like the teachers' union to work according to planned objectives are satisfied according to the needs of the student population. we are in a stage oftransition and transformation to happen in society and bring positive results in all aspects must be willing to change and require the collaboration of all.
In order to achieve these goalsrequires the participation of cultural, economic, those already mentioned and more. The technology allows work in an effective, quick, mobile and without error and is becoming more a part of our lives
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