Speech ingles: global warming

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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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Pollution, ozone layer, the earth’s temperature rising. I know that everybody in this room had heard these words several time and most of you are tired of listening to these topics. However, have anyof you done something to stop hearing these words?
An article published in “The New York Times” states that “Global Warming has become perhaps the most complicated issue facing the world”. We allknow this, but what have you or you done to help? Word, word, words, how helpful they can be. However, this is not enough.
According to “Universidad de Chile”, 92% of the Chilean citizens areconscious about Global Warming but only the 0.3% is doing something about it.
There are many little things we can do to make a difference. First, we need to learn about our environment. The easiest thing wecan do is to turn off the lights that we are not using and recycle. When I use the word “Recycle” you all might be thinking “Why do I need to recycle if afterwards all the garbich goes to the sameplace and it mixes?” Well, I agree with you, but that is not an excuse. We all need to start making some action.
Did you know that you can help the environment if you buy recyclable products insteadof non-recyclable ones? I think that all of you have heard about it, but have you done it? Am I right knowing that only a few of you or your parents have done this?
“Our wealth and well-being iscaused by not acting” said Djombo, minister of environment for the republic of Congo. For example, at first I didn’t do anything to help because I always thought “It is only me, it is not going to affect”but there are millions of other people that thinks the same. So we HAVE to start taking part of the 0.3% of the Chileans that ARE doing something, and not remain with folded arms. It is not thatdifficult to turn off the lights or unplug the cell phone charger that is not being used. Helping the world it is also helping your life, and it only takes 5 minutes or less of your time.
“Protect our...
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