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Hello, how are you today? Good morning Welcome to Mexico welcome to Yucatan Peninsula and the most important one welcome to beachbreak. Let me introduce myself my name is abel jose ramos Valencia but you can call me Jacob I’m going to be your tour guide so I’m in charge that you have a great day, so please, sit back and relax until we are close to the resort.
also let meintroduce our bus driver, his name is ____________and during the road he is going to be taking care of us so a big clap for him please.
First of all there are 3 important things that you have to know about mexico
First about the water, Mexican water doesnt kill (smile).look, many years ago we used to drink the cenote water and that kind of water has a lot of minerals so it suppose that one mencame here to mexico a drank that water, he got ill because of the minerals, now a days all the water we drink is 100% purified so don’t worry you can drink water.
Second important thing is about mexico in general. Sometimes the people thins that mexico is dangerous but let me tell you something family you are in the safest cleanest state in all around mexico and im the brus lee brother soeverything is going to be ok
Third and most important one is about rules are for your own safety so please pay attention
Here in the bus . you can’t stand up while the bus is moving why? Well you can fall down and I don’t want any of my family hurt, Just in case that your want to use the restroom which is back there, you can do it, also as you can see we have seatbelts, please use it that’s not ajoke that saves your life
Other rule
Well here in mexico the minimum age to drink alcohol is 18 years old so if you are 18 you can drink alcoholic beverages but if you are not, im sorry you can drink water as I said(smile)and it could be a big problem if some one see that an adult is giving alcohol to minor, so please think twice before do it. And talking about the alcohol, I know you are onvacation you come here to mexico an maybe you want to drink tequila shots buuutt I have a bad knew for you tequila shot is not allowed why ? even for a Mexican is hard to drink tequila shot. it make you feel bad really bad. In case that you want to drink tequila you can do it in cocktails like tequila sunrise and margarita and please family dont try to drink in 3 hours all the alcohol you are goingto drink in all your life.
Now in the resort the pool is very close to the restaurant so the floor is slippery please don’t try to run and also watch your step all the time the resort has many stairs and the beach has many little shells, as I said I don’t want you hurt so this is the most important rule, take care of yourself ok? but in case that you get hurt as you can see here I have a medicalkid so please let me know I know first aid and I can help you.
(Si ay niños) Be careful with children near or into the pool. The resort has a beautiful pool in the kids club for them.

Do we have a deal???

So now let me explain our schedule
we are going to be driving for the next 45 min and during the road I’m going to be talking to you about my place, because let me tellyou something; Today you are in a place full of history and culture.
We are going to pass two ports, Chicxulub and Uaymitun after that we are going to arrive to Telchac, Where is your resort, there you are going to spend 3 hours having fun, and relaxing. Sounds good for you?.....
As I told you before you are in the Yucatan Peninsula, wich is formed by three states, Quintana Roo- where isCancun-, Campeche- which is the most important producer of oil in Mexico and the biggest one, Yucatan State- where is Chichen Itza and where you are right now.
In this moment we are getting to the most important port in Yucatan named Progreso, this port is known as the Heart of the Emerald Cost - if you see both sides- the water of the sea is green, this is due to the mixture between the Caribbean...
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