Speech recognition

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Speech recognition

Speech recognition is a technology application which is developing nowadays. Speech recognition converts spoken words to machine-readable input Speech recognition applications include voice dialing, call, domotic appliance control and content-based spoken audio search, simple data entry, preparation of structured documents, speech-to-text processing, etc. It is also used inhealth cares, military applications, telephony, videogames and to help people with disabilities, among other functions. PARAMETERS A. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) The objetive of automatic speech recognition (ASR) research is to solve different problems computationally by building systems that convert an acoustic signal to a string of characters. Automatic speech understanding (ASU) extendsthis goal to understanding the sentences, rather than just the words. The most important ASR application areas are: Human-computer interaction, telephony and dictation (which is common in fields such as law and is also important in interaction between computers and human with disbilities). B. Some other parameters of the recognition task One dimension of variation in speech recognition tasks isthe vocabulary size. Speech recognition is easier if the number of distinct words we need to recognize is smaller. So tasks with a two-word vocabulary, like “yes” versus “no” detection, or a ten-word vocabulary, like recognizing sequences of digits (zero to nine) in what is called “digit task”, are relatively easy. However, tasks with large vocabularies are much harder. Isolated word recognition, inwhich each word is surrounded by some sort of paused is much easier than recognizing continuous speech. APPLICATIONS Health care: Speech recognition can be implemented in front-end or back-end of the medical documentation process. Helicopters: The acoustic noise problem is actually more severe in the helicopter environment, speech recognition solves this problem. Telephony and other domains:Current speech-to-text programs are too large and require too much CPU power to be practical for the Pocket PC. Speech is used mostly as a part of User Interface, for creating pre-defined or custom speech commands. People with Disabilities: People with disabilities are benefit from using speech recognition programs. It is especially useful for people who have difficulty with or are unable to use theirhands. SPEECH RECOGNITION ON OPERATING SYSTEMS Windows XP The speech recognition capabilities in Windows XP, especially when combined with Office XP productivity software, can enhance computing in such areas as gaming, data entry, or editing. Further, third-party software vendors are taking the speech recognition capabilities of your PC into new areas, including things like home automation andtelephony. Windows Vista Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista empowers users to interact with their computers by voice. It was designed for people who want to significantly limit their use of the mouse and keyboard while maintaining or increasing their overall productivity. You can dictate documents and emails in mainstream applications use voice commands to start and switch betweenapplications, control the operating system, and even fill out forms on the Web.

WI.-FI OVER VALADOLID Components: Héctor Martín, Ignacio García, David Juárez. Keywords: Wi-Fi, antema, server, router, firewall Definitions:
Wi-Fi: This term stems from Wireless Fidelity. It is a collection of standards for wireless networks based on specifications IBEE 802.11; that is to say, Wi-Fi is a teclmology usedto connect computers ami any other devices to Internet without wires Antenna: An antenna is a metallic means that sends and receives electromagnetical waves. Data which are dernanded by the user are transmitted by means of these waves. The kind of antennas which would be used in that project are omnidirecliona.l antennas. Router: A router is a device used to determine the route that a data...
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