Speech- words are not enough

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Our biggest problem

That night i couldn’t sleep very well, se next day i was in a mad mood. My brother, asi ever, was irritating me. He put his head on my shoulder and then his feet over mine. Heannoyed me. I pulled his haid. But that wasn’t the end, he poked me, twice, three times until i exploded. Yes, the fight had started, but is obvious, he ‘won’. I think a 100% of people with brothersor sisters will understand my situation.

To begin with, many people fight because in some occations, words are not enough. They are right. Why there is so much agression in the world? Because ofwords, the lack of words. A great example are wars.
We can say a war starts with a disagreement that can’t be solved with words, so people appeal to violence. For example, one of the biggest wars in theworld: The First World War. If we look back in history we can say that one of the biggest problems were alliances. Some were secret and this caused big confrontations. This war lasted severalyears.Why? Because countries could not help fighting against other and never wanted to talk, to sign a peace treaty or to stop that enormous war. Thus, there were no people who thought that by talking thingscould be better, but it was difficult for many countries of the world to listen to each other. A great idea could be that many importante people of every country such as rulers, philosophers,policitians got togather to see what is the best of the world instead of allowing so many people te be killed.

Secondly, wars only destroy and assasintae people. They cause big damage and the price isvery high. An additional disadvantage is that many presidents promise some things at war times, so poor people support them. But in teh end, they don’t show or give what they promised, so the words theysaid are empty words. This show words have to be shown with actions, because as the proverb says: ‘there is a log strech from words to deeds’.

As well, i feel that in some occasions words are...
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