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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Good morning members of the jury, opposition team, team mates teachers and audience, my name is Rocio Campusano, I represent Francis School from Coquimbo and I’m the 3rd speaker for the motion “thishouse believes that face to face communication is better than others types of communication”.

We know that communication is understood as the process by which two or more people establish aninteraction, in this process we find: ideas or thoughts in form of words, behaviors, feelings and emotions, which are part of the face to face communication in order to express a whole message. Nowadaysmany other means of communication are available, which apparently offer us the solution to save the precious and scarce time we have, but let me clarify this point, means of communication, speciallyinternet which is the massive one, are just making people to establish artificial bonds in a society, becoming day by day less and less human.

On the other side, if we talk about face to facecommunication, we are not only talking about the language used but also my dear audience we are talking about all the paralinguistic features. Let us go deeper into them: The linguistic aspects are theintonation, emphasis or pauses which are used at speeches; the aim of these aspects is expressing a determined sense to our message. While the non-linguistic aspects correspond to the facialexpressions, body language and the distance among the participants in the communicative act, which are completely ignored when other means of communication are used, because our interlocutor is hidden on them.Take the following situation as a clear example of my argument: let us imagine the love of your life is going to get married and you go to the church in the right moment it is asked the question:“if there’s somebody against this union speak now or forever hold your peace” so how could you express your fervent feeling by saying: “No, don’t get married, I love you” (N-E) or “NOOOOOO, DON’T...