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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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Colegio Los Tréboles Chía Oct 23./.2011
Clara Inés Díaz Alejandro Robles
English 11th Grade


Dear principal, teachers and students, today I will talk abouta subject that we all know, but of which we are not interested in improving. I will talk about the situation of street children. My intention is that you leave knowing more about this subject. Theseare children who live on the streets of the city deprived of family care and protection may be many reasons why these children live and work in the streets, can be caused by abuse, venereal disease,natural disasters and poverty. They have a very low probability to claim their rights because in most cases these children are under the elder abuse these are the ones who are forced to work on theiradvantage, and usually they have a lot of childrens working on their benefit.

The term basically refers to children whom the street is more than their family for them, and ends becoming their realhome. Is It does not necessarily only children who have been abused or are in some kind of situation that ends leaving them in the street, are sometimes children living in situations that are not sofull of protection, supervision or care of responsible adults. Children who run away from home or children's institutions frequently end up on the street since they rarely return home due todysfunctional families, or physical, mental, and/or sexual abuse.

These children are at highest risk of murder, constant abuse and inhumane treatment. They often resort to petty theft and prostitution forsurvival. They are extremely vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.

What they do to get money is to collect and sell waste paper, plastic, scarp metal. They clean cars, alsosell water, sweets, biscuits, tissues or anything they can find. Some sell newspapers and flowers or shine shoes.

We need to raise awareness of this issue by educating yourself, your peers,...
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