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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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ESCENA 1 (Fran-Feña)
Feña: Hello! How are you?
Fran: Hello! Fine, what about you?
Feña: Fine thank you, hey, Did you ask your mom?
Fran: About what?
Feña: About Tomas's party , remember that isSaturday
Fran: Ahh, about that party ... I do not really went well
Feña: Why? What did she say?
Fran: Well ... She said something like(LENTO; NECESITO TIEMPO)

ESCENA 2 (Fran- Mamá)
Fran: HiMom!
Mom: Hello
Fran: How was your day?
Mom: a little bit tiring, I'm working
Fran: Ahhh, you look busy
Mom: What do you Francisca?
Fran: Nothing! I only came to see you. Is there anything I can doto help you?
Mom: Let me finish this
Fran: Well mom, I was wondering if I could...
Mom: No
Fran: But, is in Tomas’s...
Mom: No
Fran: Please let me ...
Mom: No, and it's my final answerESCENA 3 (Feña-Fran)
Fran: so I do not think I can go
Feña: Really? Damn, don’t you think that she change her mind?
Fran: Actually no, she is not that way. How about you, how did it go?
Feña: Me?Well, the truth is that it was something like (LENTO)

ESCENA 4 (Feña-Mamá)

Feña: Hi Mom, How are you?
Mom: Hello Fernandita, good, how about you?
Feña: Very good thanks, are you busy?
Mom: Notmuch, what happens?
Fena: The thing is that Saturday is the birthday of Thomas and he is going to do a party. Can I go?
Mom: What time does it end?
Feña: At 3 o clock I guess
Mom: It´s ok, as youcall me ten for two, you know that I fall asleep
Feña: Well, thank you mommy

ESCENA 4 (Fran-Feña)

Feña: Well, I have the permission
Fran: Mm, you are very lucky, I hope you spend a good timeFena: But wait, if you can’t I will not go, I think is better see movies at home
Fran: Noo, but you've talked about this party since the beginning of the year
Feña: Yes, but it will not be the samewithout you, there will be more parties to go, it’s better see The Illusionist ,we love that movie, and we can order a pizza
Fran: Well, it seems that the Saturday is going to be more entertaining...
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