Spinal accident

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Spinal Accident

Hello everybody, I was asked to come to your school and talk to you about drinking and driving and the effects that can cause. I know what you’re thinking that I am going to boreyou to death like everyone else has, but I will try not to. I am stuck to this chair because of someone who was drinking and driving.

I will know tell you my story. I was coming home from havingdinner with my family and the person driving hadn’t been drinking. We were driving and the light was green, so we kept on driving, but the car that was supposed to stop didn’t and crashed into us.The car flipped over. My family flew everywhere. I got stuck inside the car. I only remember being pulled out of the car, then waking up in the hospital a week later. From then on I’ve been stuckto this chair.

For those of you who don’t know, I got a spinal injury in that crash. This injury caused my legs to be paralyzed from the waste down. This happened when I was pulled out of the car.It occurred because the person who pulled me didn’t know about spinal injuries. He didn’t know that a spinal injury can be caused by: a fall of a person of a height greater then their own, divinghead first into a hard surface, a severe electrocution, a car accident, and by compressing vertebrates of your back. If the person might’ve known this he wouldn’t have pulled me.

Now, you might beasking how a person looks with a spinal injury. Well if a person has a spinal injury he or she might have back, head or neck pains, problems moving their arms and legs, be shaking all over, mighthave signs of shock or might have liquid coming out of their ears. When you come across a person with these symptoms immediately suspect spinal injury and do the following don’t move unless it isnecessary, call EMS, check their ABCs which are their vital signs and give AR treatment. By doing this you might save this person form a serious injury that might affect them for the rest of their life....
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