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Professional ethics
Faculty of political & social sciences
Teacher: Mónica Alejandra Cervantes Pérez
Student: Ana Alejandra Madrid Hernández
Essay of the book ¨postmodernism for begginers¨ Jim Powell

Modernism is a blanket term for an explosion of new styles and trends in the first half of the 20th century. What fell apart in the modern era were the values of the 18th century, the age ofenlightenment, also known as the age of reason, was the idea of progress.
Diferences between the two movements Modernism & Postmodernism.
|Modernism |Postmodernism |
|Form(conjuctive-closed) |Antiform(disjunctive-open) ||Purpose |Play |
|Design |chance |
|Hierarchy |anarchy |
|Artobject-finished work |Process-performance-happening |
|presence |absence |
|centering |dispersal ||Genre-boundary |Text-intertext |
|Root-depth |Rhizome-surface |

The difference for lyotard is that where traditional societies are under the spell of one dominant narrative, Postmodern society is a society whichno one narrative –big or little- no one language game dominates. In postmodern societies many micronarratives are jammed together. And this carnival of narratives replaces the monolithic precense of one metanarrative.
Like the postmodern storyteller´s grab bag of stories, postmodern society is made up of zillions of incompatible little stories-micronarratives. And not of these little stories candominate or explain the rest.
Lyotard celebrates the multiple, incompatible, heterogeneous, fragmented, contradictory and ambivalent nature of postmodern society while jameson distruts and dislikes it he sees it as an intensification and latest phase of a capitalist world system.
Jameson proclaim three cultural periods in each of which a unique cultural logic dominates; First is the age ofrealism (the era of the bourgeois, historical novel). Second is the age of modernism (jameson admires modernism because modernist culture expressed its dissatisfaction with the world). Third is the idea of postmodernism (postmodern cultural forms reflect the dislocation and fragmentation of language communities-splintered into small groups each speaking a curious private language of its own, eachprofession developing its private code or dialect, and finally each individual coming to be a kind of linguistic island, separated from everyone else)

Jean Baudrillard and the death of the Real
You are wired, the passive victim of tv, computer and advertising. You are hipnotized by the tube, by the obscene flow of images.

This according to the imagery of postmodern theorist Jean Baudrillard, issimilar to society´s relationship to the world of mass media, advertising, television, newspapers, magazines. The era or mass comunications ivades our darkened rooms, embracing us with its cool, lunar light, penetrating into our most private recesses. We succumb to the fatal atraction, surrendering ourselves in an ecstasy of communication.

Semiotics is the structuralist study of various...
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