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  • Publicado : 25 de noviembre de 2011
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Sports and Drugs

I’ve been playing sports all my life; I have always been good at them. I can play almost any sport I want from golf to ice hockey. Every time I play any sport I like to have competition. I wouldn’t like to play golf against a 5 year old; there would be no competition obviously. The competition in the sport makes it more interesting, it gives playersthe adrenaline to become better and win, it’s better to watch a sport with serious competition, competition between sports just makes the sports better.
Sports have been around us since the beginning, from the ancient Greeks until today. For better performance in sports, to make the sport more competitive, human beings have used performance enhancing drugs. People use performance enhancingtechnology and drugs all around the world; for instance, while using computers, cars, caffeine, alcohol, Viagra, etc. We use this technologies or drugs to make our life easier. Human beings have been using performance enhancing drugs and technologies for a long time. People in Babylon and Rome used herbs for battle; Greeks started to wear shoes to run faster. By using drugs in sports, players have abetter performance. Letting drugs into sports would make the sports more competitive and it would be fair in all the games; seeing that now drugs in sports aren’t legal, yet some players still take them. By making them legal, it gives the opportunity, the chance to every single player, so they could decide themselves and the sport would be fair.
Right now drugs aren’t allowed in sports. Dale Murphyargues in a debate “Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports?” that the anti-doping agency should become stricter due to the fact that athletes are using performance enhancing drugs. This is because by using performance enhancing drugs, the players are not playing themselves, drugs are “improving” their skills, by making drugs legal in sports, it would be fairer to all the players due to the factthat now that performance enhancing drugs are illegal a large amount of athletes use them. They use anabolic steroids to amplify muscle growth, painkillers to continue competing beyond their pain thresholds, stimulants to perform at an optimum level, etc. So making drugs legal it would be fairer to all athletes because this way they’ll have the opportunity to choose without it being illegal. One ofthe main things why people say drugs shouldn’t be legal is because it makes the sport unnatural but performance enhancing drugs make the players play better and resist more, mainly some people argue that drugs shouldn’t be allowed because it makes the sport unnatural. But by permitting the use of performance enhancing drugs, the sport becomes more competitive, more interesting, with more rivalry.George Michael says in a debate “Should We Accept Steroid Use in Sports?” that drugs shouldn’t be allowed in sport because of the deaths and damages they cause, when truthfully there are more deaths caused by sports themselves, like football and hockey with their hits.
I believe there are many reasons why performance enhancing drugs should be legalize in sports, one of them, and for me the mostimportant one is that by making drugs legal the sport would have more competition in it. By allowing the use of performance enhancing drugs in the sport football and hockey players would play harder, they would resist more by using anabolic steroids and painkillers and stimulants, in archery they would have more accuracy by using sedatives, golfers would play better by the use of stimulants, theywould hit the ball harder by the use of anabolic steroids. Julian Savulescu, professor of practical ethics at the University of Oxford, says: To say that we should reduce drugs in sport or eliminate them because they increase performance, is simply like saying that we should eliminate alcohol from parties because it increases sociability. My point is that the sport becomes more competitive,...
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