Sports injuries

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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Today, treating a sports injury is much better than in the past. Still, ignorance at the time of exercising and lack of preventive actions are the main causes of most injuries. Ankle sprains andstrains, knee pain, lower back pain, and shoulder injuries are the most common injuries among all sports and kinds of exercises , and its prevention is just matter of using more our common sense bywearing an adequate outfit , knowing how to do appropriate movements and stretching before starting to exercise.

Ankle sprains and strains, also known as rolled ankle, twisted ankle or simply ankleinjury, are the most frequent injuries of the world as they can happen to any human being who’s able to walk. According to John P. Cunha, DO, a U.S board-certified Emergengy Medicine Physician, more than23,000 people each day in the United States require medical care for ankle sprains. As they are more recurrent during sports that involve aggressive side-to-side movements, such as tennis orbasquetball, a huge number of normal daily activities can lead to this injury, like stepping off a stair, slipping on ice, tripping over a rock or any misplaced object, an uneven terrain, lack of attention ,etc; the right footwear is essential to prevent a sprain, and according to most doctors, for people who have a history of ankle injuries, wearing a brace can provide more stability to prevent themfrom having another sprain.

Next, comes the knee pain. The knee is one of the main joints of the body, it connects 3 main bones: the tibia, femur and patella. It is very important because it allowsthe movement of the legs and it is vital to normal walking. The risk factors for knee pain include doing any athletic activities using an improper technique, lack of conditioning, poor flexibility, andaging. Even thou medical technology has improve a lot during past years, for an athlete, a knee injury can still be a devastating injury. A recent case today involves MLB famous star Mo Vaughn. This...
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