St. patrick

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* Saint Patrick
He was born around the year of 387 in Scotland. He was son of a Roman officer whose religion was Christianism. At the age of 16 he was captured by Irishpirates and sold into slavery. After several trials, he escaped and became a preacher of the Gospel in Ireland, an island which at that time was divided into many clansunder the powerful authority of the Druids.
He was adapted very well to the social conditions of the place, forming a local clergy and several Christian communities, whilerespecting the traditions and customs of its population. He is known as the Apostle of Ireland, where he died about the year 461.
An Irish tradition attributed to him is thefeat of having rid the island of snakes. Nowadays, Ireland is the only region of the British Islands that has no wild snakes, due to its separation from Britain, a littlebit after the end of the last glaciation.
St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th. Patrick had to explain once what the Holy Trinity was. For all to understand, heused a shamrock as a sign, explaining that the Holy Trinity, like clover, was the same unit but with three different members.
Patrick was a very simple man with a spirit ofhumility. He said his missionary work was the simple act of a divine commandment. He was a person deeply loving, as we see in his writings refer many times to immense griefat separating from his blood family and home, which bound him great affection. He was also very sensitive; He did suffer a lot when he heard that they said that he workedin the mission he had undertaken to seek their own benefit. The success of the mission of St. Patrick is primarily due to their faith that was available for any sacrifice.