Stairway to heaven

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  • Publicado : 2 de agosto de 2010
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Stairway to heaven
Stairway to heaven is a rock song created by the English rock band, Led Zeppelin, released on November 8, 1971 and recorded December 1970 it is kind of long because it is8 minutes long well depending of the version that you want to play there’s the normal one that you can find as being the ¨official¨ one or you can listen to other versions of the song ( when Imean other versions I mean like there are some changes for example the guitar solo might be of 5 minutes, Robert plant might change the voice times for more raw screams or instead ofsomething hard it can be slow and melodic).
Why I like it so much?
Well that’s a really hard question just like the definition of art, not all the things must have a reason for being what they are Ithink that this song is a song that takes you into a personal journey in which all your problems just disappear, yeah that feeling that makes you like unplug from the rushing of the modernworld and just makes you have the best 10 minutes of your life.
Why is it important to me?
Well you wont believe it but back in my country I’m not a very like extroversive person I’m more likea introversive person and the thing is that last year in high school I was in my school bus and one day the driver told me to put some music from my Ipod and I played stairway to heaven, thereaction that my classmates had was overwhelming suddenly everybody was talking to me asking me things about the song and saying that the song was awesome. That moment when everybody asked meat the same time what’s the name of the song, automatically made that song a piece of art A MASTERPIECE!! Because it generated a humongous avalanche of feelings on my peers.

This version is 10: 52 seconds long and it is part of the movie the band have about the concert the give in New York in 1973
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