Stalin and other evil dictators

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Stalin and other Evil Dictators


Part A.
(1 pt each = 5 pts)

1) Why according to Shelley Klein, has Josef Stalin been the most successful of the evil dictators who came topower after World War I?

Because he reach the most high power of authority on Russia, killed more people than Hitler, live well and at his funeral millions of people were there for him. He also takethe country to an industrialized nation and eliminate all those who was against him.

2) What did Stalin use to do to documents and history books?

He re-write them with information about himself,including photographs. His intention was to make him look better in the history.

3) What was Stalin’s general plan for Russia?

He wanted to convert Russia from a 19 century society to a 20century industrialized one

4) How did state-owned farmers’ cooperatives work?

The farmers had to pool their machinery, livestock and grain after their relied on the government or survive with whatwas left of their lands.

5) Explain what happened to the countries occupied by Russia after World War II?

All those countries were turned into satellite states on charge of Stalin's people. Theyhad to report to Stalin every decision they make.

Part B

According to the documentary watched, answer the following questions.

A. Write (T) for True or (F) for False next to each sentence.(0.25 pts. each = 1pt.)

Hitler was born in Leipzig. ___F____
Ioseb Besarionis dze Jughashvili was the name of Stalin’s father. ___F____
Hitler was married to Eva Braun. ___T____Hitler wanted to learn sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. ___F____

B. Match the items on the left with the items on the right. (0.25 pts. each =2 pts.)

Russia (G) a. Semi–military career.
Hitler’s disease (F) b. Vasily
Stalin’s oldest son (E) c. Auschwitz
Concentration camp (C) d. Smallpox
Hitler’s father (H) e. Yakov
Stalin’s father (A)...
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