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ANSI Standard Z358.1-2004
Emergency Eyewash & Shower Equipment
Scope and Application:
This standard establishes minimum use and performance requirements for eyewash and shower equipment for theemergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to hazardous materials. It covers the following types of equipment: • emergency shower, • eyewash equipment, • eye/face washequipment, and • combination shower and eyewash units. This standard also includes performance and use requirements for personal washes and drench hoses, which are considered supplemental to emergencyeyewash and shower equipment.

This standard is intended to provide a basis for common understanding among owners, users, service personnel, the general public and the regulatory community asto the minimum requirements for the performance, use, installation, test procedures and maintenance of emergency eyewash and shower equipment.

• • • • • Drench Hose: A supplementaldevice consisting of a flexible hose connected to a flushing fluid supply, used to provide fluid to irrigate and flush face and body areas. Flushing Fluid: Potable water, preserved water, preservedbuffered saline solution or other medically acceptable solution manufactured and labeled in accordance with applicable government regulations. Freeze Protection: A means to protect water in an apparatusfrom freezing and rendering it inoperable. This can be achieved through several means including mechanical valves and electrical heat tracing. Potable Water: Water that is suitable for drinking.Tepid: Moderately warm; lukewarm.

General Considerations:
• • • • • Plumbed and self contained eye/face & shower equipment shall be constructed of materials that will not corrode in the presence offlushing fluid. Stored flushing fluid shall be protected against airborne contaminants. All equipment shall be installed, maintained and inspected annually as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This...
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